We have the team of multidisciplinary programmers with ample experience in customized web systems development in order to optimize and improve the processes of your company. With more than 15 years of experience and with the usage of agile methodologies such as SCRUM and Lean Kanban and the design of service solutions utilizing Service Design and Design Thinking, we always achieve outstanding in a timely manner.

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Websites and

applications development.

Websites and applications development.

In Solutions Factory RAK, we use technology and programming languages of last generation with which we secure the stability and scalabity in all of our developments. Also we have strategic business alliances with the technology industry giants around the world so we can guarantee process optimization, infrastructure, performance and user experience. Our team that specializes in digital design is a fundamental part in the "unfold of all or our solutions". Let us surprise you with the wonderful world of Information Technology Development with a focus on your users!


We implement, develop and design On-line Learning Platforms. We have the flexibility to implement commercial solutions or develop in a gradual manner, your Learning Management System, according to what the company is needed at a specific point in time. We are also experts in the creation of graphic content and multimedia.



A Content Administration System (CMS – Content Management System) that will help you to manage, creat and administer your web page´s contents. We use some commercial CMS such as: Wordpress®, Joomla®, Drupal® y Mambo®. Also, we have our own Content Management System, that is called Nodox, for the controlled, management of your website.

b2b / b2c

We work in conjunction in order to achieve your sales objectives, generating safe transactions and total “final consumer” satisfaction. In Solutions Factory we have a team of specialists to develop or implement ecommerce platforms and payment bridges. We have our “own in house” platform called eConnection. Also we are licensed and certified distributors of VTEX® y Shopify®



If what you are looking for is an omnichannel strategy then Market Place is the best complement for your on-line sales, due to the fact that a diverse range of buying options will be presented to the end consumer all in the same place with reliability of the different payment forms: Amazon®, Mercado Libre®, eBay® and more.

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Mobile Apps.

We generate mobile applications, designed and adapted for our clients´s needs for the iOS and Android systems.
It is foreseen that by the end of this year, the mobile applications market, will generate USD$166,000 million, due to this situation, it is not a coincidence that our development area has looked for new technologies that will enable us to deliver “production apps” in record times under the usage of different programming languages and frameworks such as Phonegap that helps us create applications for different operating systems that utilizes basic elements such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


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