Service Design.

If your idea is to create or improve the services that focus in your users, in Solutions Factory RAK, we use several methodologies such as Service Design, which help organizations to create unique experiences, generating links that will potentiate their actions and interactions.

The added value in Service Design, stems in the development of innovative solutions that didn´t exist or to improve the available ones.

In order to understand better, let’s have a look at the following example:

We have 2 Italian restaurants, in front of each other and with the same menu and prices. The only difference lies in the service and experience, delivered to their clientele.

Happy diners = recurring clients = successful restaurant.

Design Thinking.

Our objective is to bring a solutions to any problem, by breaking down in “small parts” in order to analyze it and in an empathic manner, find the best “way out”. For that, we use Design thinking that comprises of five fundamental actions: Empathize, define, devise, prototype and test.

To understand this process, let’s imagine we are designing a new mobile app.

  • 1. We need to be empathic when it comes to understand the end users´ needs.
  • 2. Define the actions that the users could execute within the app.
  • 3. Devise the “navigation”, buttons, links and objectives.
  • 4. To prototype every screen.
  • 5. To finalize, this prototype will be tested with end users and it will be define whether or not it will be new iterations until achieving the last objective of the project.

"I know you and that is why I offer you what you need"

Agile Making.

In order to carry out our clients´ requirements and projects, we utilize agile methodologies such as SCRUM® y Lean Kanban®, thanks to that we can offer follow-up in every single process of your project. This, enables us to give certainty that every member of the team knows the status of your every need, but mainly, that we have the compromise to always deliver with an added value in record breaking times.

"Think, design, Schedule and execute agilely"


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